After Hours in St. Mark’s Basilica

On most any day of the year, Piazza San Marco, Venice’s magnificent square, is bustling with tourists admiring the architecture, shopping for souvenirs, or soaking up the ambiance at outdoor cafes. It’s a stunning sight to enter the enormous square whether from the city’s maze of alleyways or from the waterfront promenade. Prominent is St. Mark’s Basilica, named for the patron saint of Venice, St. Mark the Evangelist. It is one of Venice’s most recognizable landmarks beneath its imposing bell tower and adjacent to the Doge’s Palace……….

From our personal experience in Venice, we give you our recommendation for the best way to visit St. Mark’s Basilica to avoid the crowds and make the most of the experience — an exclusive after-hours tour by Walks of Italy. Find  more in Traveling with Sweeney  post

St Mark Venice

St Mark Venice

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